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Sunday, February 23, 2020
About About Me
I work in the Turbomachinery field... usually concentrating on industrial gas turbine repairs.  I worked for GE for twelve years in various roles before taking a run at self-employment.  The self-employment was a great learning experience, but wasn't growing enough, so I took stock of what I liked, what I knew and re-entered the industrial field with Sulzer.
I have the typical "love for photography" cycle that you hear about... got a camera from my dad when I was young... took a lot of photos and loved it... went to college and didn't do much photography... graduated, started a career, a family... and got back into photography.  Just something about people starting families that gets them (back) into photography.  Taking photos of the kids and family was great... but really loved taking pictures of just places.  I'll leave the people pictures to my lovely wife.
I also used to be an avid "sketcher"... never very good, but it was fun putting ideas / images from my head onto paper.  I even took art classes in grade school... and not because it was supposed to be easy.  They were great classes with a great teacher.  Like the photography though, I cycled in and out of practice... only to find it again later.
There you have it... a Mechanical Engineering graduate just trying to let out a little creativity online.

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