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Monday, January 27, 2020
Latest Listen Ramble Missed Opportunity - Mapping the Bucket List

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There really is no excuse for this travesty...


The March 2010 issue of Texas Monthly has a "bucket list" of things that every Texan should complete while they have the opportunity.  It's a good list and makes you want to jump in the car and see how many you can knock out.

The problem is... TM is missing out on a great opportunity to engage people... and even make it easier for them to start crossing off the items.

On the simple and easy end, they could have done the same thing they did for the "Small Town Cafes" micro-site and provided a basic Google map of the places.  That would have added some interaction and enabled a person to start thinking how they'd get in a visit to one of the places on the next road trip.  With a bit more effort they could have created an interactive map that allows people to add in their own bucket list items.  Or they could have taken another step and built out another micro-site that enabled readers to add pictures / videos... or embraced some social media and built a decent Facebook app that pulled in a high level of interaction as people built out there own Texan Bucket Lists.

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