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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Latest Listen Ramble Jing Doodling

What do you get when you combine TechSmith's Jing with the great editor they have in Snagit... and do some doodling?  I'm voting for DoodleJing... or maybe Jingoodle... or just Joodle?  Either way, if you routinely pick up a pencil and paper to help you illustrate a concept to someone physically near you... then this would be a great tool for you.  Here's what you could do with it.


Larger size here.

Admittedly, this is a relatively crude example, but it's a hack way of demonstrating the basic concept. One thing not illustrated in the demo is the fact that I (you) would be narrating along with the doodling, just like you would do with a person sitting next to you.  And just like in real life, when it's all done, you'd  have your "piece of paper" to share.  But now, instead of losing it or having to copy it... or go back and try to remember what you meant when you wrote something down, you can review it, edit it, share it and share it and share it again.


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