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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Latest Listen Ramble Dock Dogs at Discovery Green
The DockDogs brought the show to Discovery Green back in July and it was a great time.  We only caught the 11:30am competition, but that was enough to convince the kids that they wanted a dog that could leap like these... and convince me that these competitions offered some great photo ops...

Discovery Green is a great place for playing and kicking back.  It's also a pretty good place for taking photos.  When you throw in an event like DockDogs, then the possibilities really open up.  In an hours time you can capture some great action photos as well as a Photosynth or two (and with some planning, you could get a great pano).  On top of that, you could use some of your photos to create a kick ass video.
Consider for a moment... in the hour or so that I was watching I was able to create the following...
A simple gallery...
... and from some of the photos I was able to create this video... (it highlights the two jumps from the dog that won the 11:30 bracket)

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


... and with a couple of extra minutes, I threw together this Photosynth...

If you are looking for an opportunity to test out your action photography skills as well as experiment with some new tools, then an event like this is the perfect place to go on a Saturday.


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