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Sunday, March 29, 2020
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The DockDogs brought the show to Discovery Green back in July and it was a great time.  We only caught the 11:30am competition, but that was enough to convince the kids that they wanted a dog that could leap like these... and convince me that these competitions offered some great photo ops...
I've already admitted it... I have this thing for maps.  So it will be of no surprise that I really think that a lot of "entities" are completely missing out on some great opportunities by not using them.

I've sat down a couple of times and brainstormed over what is the future of panos and panography.  I've jotted down thoughts about the history, the current state and have tried to figure out where we are going next.  What's funny is that these "little" activities will typically start to fill one, then two plus pages in my notebook.  There's just so much that could be said.

But I think that all of my thoughts, notes and ramblings could be cut down to a simple, and maybe over generalized idea...

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What do you get when you combine TechSmith's Jing with the great editor they have in Snagit... and do some doodling?  I'm voting for DoodleJing... or maybe Jingoodle... or just Joodle?  Either way, if you routinely pick up a pencil and paper to help you illustrate a concept to someone physically near you... then this would be a great tool for you.  Here's what you could do with it.

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Ran across the term "spatial photography" and realized that is what I do at times.  It's no longer "real estate photography" or "architectural photography"... it's "spatial".

Not to sound like I'm poking fun at the term... I actually believe that it's a great word in that it can simply encompass pretty much all that I'm working with.

The people over at Bing claim "spatial search" as the next frontier.  Spatial search needs spatial content... and the best spatial content is imagery (photo, video, maps, etc...).  Text based data has a prominent role in spatial / location based, but as a "spatial imagery content" creator I'm excited by the opportunities that open up by the rising prominence of visual data.

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