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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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My brother has said it a couple of times... and it's true.  The cell phone is a fad... one that is well past it's exit cue.


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OK, I have to admit it.  I used to see those computer desktop setups with two monitors... maybe  even a third one and think "what the hell do you need all that for?".

Now I know.

At work, I have a two monitor setup... and after about six weeks now I can't figure out how I could work without them.  I'll get off into a project, like today, and have 9 Adobe pdf's opened up, three Excel files, a couple different file folders and the MRP program opened up all at once... bouncing around between them all.  It's kinda like being at a tennis match... the head just goes back and forth, back and forth.

I'm now convinced that I need three monitors to be more efficient... might be a hard sell to the boss though.


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Marlin Creek was recently profiled in the local community newspapers published by HCN.  You can view the article below.  There was also a short lead-in for the article on the front-page of the paper... so, now I can say "I've made the front-page".  : )


Virtual Vision - Marlin Creek in HCN


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I will say that the demonstration items that Nikon shows for it's Capture NX2 software are very impressive. Impressive enough for me to download and give it a try.

After 30 minutes of playing with it... I'll say this... I'm not paying for it... yet.

I think that buried in there somewhere are some good, if not great, tools and functionality... that I'm obviously not going to get to in 30 minutes. I'll keep playing around and seeing how things work. Maybe I'll figure out more about the u-point / control point thingy and realize the error of these comments. But 'till then, I'm not paying for it.

However, if you don't have an image editing program, or are looking for something to handle your raw NEF files... I'd say go for this over Photoshop any day... but look at ACDSee Pro as well.

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