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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Latest Look Maps Missed Opportunity - Mapping the Best Business Bars
Entrepreneur Magazine has an interesting article on what are the best bars to do business in.  The news release reads... "In a publishing first, Entrepreneur magazine, in collaboration with Esquire magazine, reveals America's best bars for business.  The list and the accompanying stories appearing in the July issue of Entrepreneur magazine cover the ins and outs of the top 15 bars and the etiquette for getting the deal done."
It may be a publishing first... but it misses out on another great opportunity to engage users in a simple, yet powerful way.
The title of this post gave it away... the simple and powerful way to engage the users is a map.
It could be a simple Google Map embedded...
... or just linked to like this.
They may have even gone over to UMapper.com and built out a custom one like this...
There's a couple dozen easy solutions beyond these quick samples.  And that's just for getting a basic map.  The UMapper solution also enables easy sharing via Twitter directly from the embedded map.  If you go to the map page on UMapper here... you can expand the social sharing tools to Facebook and Buzz.
Now if you want to "kick it up a notch"... Entrepreneur could make a few setting changes in either Google Maps or UMapper and open up the maps for readers to add their own suggestions.  Now we've got a crowd-sourced reference to some of the best bars for doing business... and it'll cover all of that extra space on the map.

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