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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Latest Look Photosynths Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum

I had some time to kill while in Anchorage the other day.  I hit up downtown to take a look around, but the weather wasn't cooperating with me and my intent to take some photographs.  So, while having lunch I thumbed through some of the travel brochures and found the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum.  I headed on over to check it out...

The only problem... once there, I found out that they were closing in 30 minutes.  The lady there was nice enough to discount my ticket, so I spent 30 minutes taking a quick stroll and seeing what pictures I could take.

Here's the thing... normally, 30 minutes would have been just enough to take a look around and snap a couple of photos.  If you are lucky, you'll find a location / subject and setup that gives you an opportunity to get a great image.  But now, 30 minutes is enough to capture a series of Photosynths.  Add on about 30 more minutes back at the computer and you can have them processed and on Bing maps.  Ten more minutes and you can post them on your site...





I still love shooting panoramas and displaying them with krpano... but the speed and convenience of Photosynth is good to have available.

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