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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Latest Look Pictures Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum Photos

The Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum is a great place to spend a few hours.  Unfortunately, I only had about 30 minutes.  As it seems to be with some museums, the best stuff was out in "storage"...

First up is this Catalina Canso.  This plane has some beautiful lines.

This Catalina Canso sits idle on the shores of Lake Hood in Anchorage AK


Catalina Canso wheel well


A view from the rear quarter of the Catalina Canso


Then we have two icons of Grumman "Flying Boats"... the Goose...

When searching for images of the Goose - this same plane shows up from several people


... and the Widgeon...

This Widgeon is posed for takeoff.


The storage area had quite a few interesting specimens as well...

A matching Beechcraft and Chevy


Not sure what the history of this flying banana is


Found this Dodge as well


If you want to take a better look around, check out the Photosynths of the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum here.

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