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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Latest Look Pictures Helicopter Crane
Helicopter crane used to move AC units 

You really should carry your camera with you at all times... or at least one of your cameras.  I wasn't on the day I saw this, but I wasn't far from the house... so I went back and got it.

When the new Super Target was being built nearby they decided that a normal crane just wasn't going to cut it.  So they brought in this helicopter crane to move all of the A/C units (I think that is what they were) from the parking lot to the roof top.

It was a fun process to watch.  Once the helicopter was up, I think it took only 15 minutes for them to move 5 A/C units up to the roof.

I've had to rent crane services before... they aren't cheap... especially when you get ones big enough to make the reaches over some distance like this process was requiring.  I don't know how much a helicopter like this costs to get onsite... but it was definitely faster than any normal crane I've seen.

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